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A project on the port in Sharjah, from where a number of boats are going to Somalia
The Neighbour

Moptornama Roshanara

A ride through a "post-industrial" landscape
Two unrealised projects

The Last Message from Toblino, Manifesta7

A new platform for art, research, and collaborations. 2007-
an ongoing project on electricity and the urban, 2007-
Everything is Contestable

In which we experience some divisions of power, Singapore 2006.
Redoubt: the Old Therapeutic Institution

Electrical recovery, therapy and monitoring, Tanglin Camp, Singapore.
City of Glass: Sideways
Architectural modernism presents glass as a great equalizer between the private and the public... democracy! Now, through a window in the IT-city, you can watch a network 'leak' out of the corner of your eye. COLAB, Bangalore.
Park View Hotel

In which park people peek and poke at a hotel, in downtown San Jose.
Changes of State

In which we find hidden, marquee or glamorous states
Glow Positioning System

A crank-driven landscape.
Interior Design, New York
In which a room changes from a camera box into a projection room, and back.
The Savant Guard

sun-tracker Tx and booth Rx. Pasadena 2004-
Interior Design, Mumbai

In which the outside is seen in parts
Interior Design, Los Angeles
In which the sun enters a room
A pixel screen for you
Blue Yucca Ridge
A proposal for a monument to nuclear waste.



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PAD.MA is now online
PAD.MA, a video archiving project we have been working on with friends and partners, is now online. This is the beginning: there are right now some...
short bio / intro

In recent work I have been exploring the intersection of spaces of living, and technologies being ‘embedded’ within them. The technologies themselves range from imaging and distribution systems to transport and other infrastructures. I am interested in the thresholds of visibility, distance, administration and doubt that we encounter here.

The projects themselves are an adulterous mix of software-based art, conceptual practices, telematics, early and pre-cinema, site-based performance, and architecture. With this approach I try to bring, often with others, a broad range of thinking: new and old ideas, as well as low-, hi- and no-tech, to "new media " conceptions of virtuality, networks and participation.